How to properly setup a template for a canvas column?

I created a table ‘Table 1’ to keep track of proposals my organization submits to funders. One of the columns, let’s call it ‘Brief’ is in Canvas format for which I’d like to have, for each proposal, additional information such as objectives, strategic alignment, partners, project target demographics, etc.

I want this information to be structured and the same for all proposals, so I created a template (Brief Template) in a separate page. The categories mentioned above are the columns of a table ‘Brief Table’ included in the that page .
In ‘Table 1’ I set the ‘Brief Template’ as template for new lines.

The problem is that when I create a new line in ‘Table 1’ and click on the Canvas icon in column ‘Brief’, the canvas expands but instead of having my full template, the ‘Brief Table’ is replaced by this error message “Object not found!”

I followed the solution proposed here (What's the right/easiest way to get a canvas column in a table to be a template?) to no avail.

Does someone know what could be causing this error message?
Thanks for any hint.

Hey Gerardo – happy to help. Can you share a screen shot of your column settings setup?

This is ‘Table 1’

The Brief Template

And the error message when clicking on the ‘canvas’ icon in the Proposal Brief column in Table 1.

Oh hmm let me check on my team about tables in canvas column templates. Do you mind reaching out to our team at with your doc and we can get this unblocked for you!

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Following up on this! Looks like it’s a known bug and we’ve moved this issue into the team’s existing report. If we have an update, we’ll be sure to share it here. Thank you for raising @Gerardo_Ducos :sparkles:

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Following up again! Looks like the bug is resolved - if you re-add the template to the new rows, it should include the table now! Thank you for raising and enjoy canvas columns.


Wow, that was fast. Awesome tech support.
It now works.


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