Duplicate Template into Canvas Column


I am creating a table where I have a canvas column (Test Table.Canvas Column) that I would want to auto-populate a template from a canvas column in another table (Test Templates.Weekly Overview Template), depending on the Name.

Is there a formula I could use, such as IF STATEMENTS, to filter by name and populate the template into the table?

Having a formula embedded into the Value for New Rows field would be ideal. I am not sure, however, if you can do this functionality across tables.

hello Tanveer, what I would do to simplify the formula is include a Lookup column in your table Test Table that points to the row in the table Test Template that has the same name. The formula for this column is like so

[Test Template].Filter(Name=thisRow.Name)

Then add a button column to Test Table that fills the Canvas Column with the Weekly Overview Template from the Lookup column

ModifyRows(thisRow,thisRow.[Canvas Column],thisRow.Lookup.[Weekly Overview Template])

Then you can add a button that pushes that button for each row

RunActions([Test Table].Button)

after doing that the Canvas Column from Test table will all be equal to the Weekly Overview Template from the Test Template column

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Thanks for the suggestion. Curious if you know of a way to do this without the Click me button - we were hoping to create an automated process with little to no manual work.

Hi you can use automation to control if a line changes and use the button

you can define a formula for the initial value for your canvas-column that is run each time a new row is created in your table.

look at the option for “canvas column options” in the column heading menu. there is a place there to define values for new rows. put in the formula there. it will be executed when a new row is created. and then the user can edit the contents later.



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