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Hi All,

I am playing around with Canvas columns at the moment, and have been able to do some really nice things with that.

I am trying to influence the template that a canvas column uses when it is initialised.

For example I have a project table, with different project types. If the new row in the project table is for a research project, it should pull in the page “Research Project” and if the new project is a software project, it should bring in the “Software Project” template from the relevant page.

Any idea how to do?

I could create two tables, but then I need to create a new table and related settings every time that I create a new project. A single project table feels more elegant. Or polymorphic for the nerds… :wink:

Rambling Pete


Yes, if someone can please let us know. I am extremely interested in adding a row with a templated canvas.

This was my hack to enable templated canvases. I can do it, but it is not pretty. I eventually opted to avoid canvases and instead use lookups which can be expanded into full tables or cards in the Layout.

Hi Jacob,

If you want to use the same template for all rows it is straightforward. Just go to Canvas Options, and then select the page you want to use from the dropdown.


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This is ok for a single type of canvas/template. Such as, your example. However, with a Master db/table approach this does not work.

!Light bulb! May be able to add a formula to set this value based on the selected properties.

Hi Ed,


But I do not want to create a formula that refers to the row of which the canvas cell is a member.

I want to use different template pages for different rows. So, if I enter a row for a project on software, I want the software project template in the canvas column. If I enter a row for a new research project, I want to the research project template in the canvas column.


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I have tried to use a switchif formula to set the template based on note type but not having any luck. I have a button to add a new note by type. However, the template is empty. :frowning:

  thisRow.Type = Meeting,
  [Meeting Notes - Template],
  thisRow.Type = thisRow.Fleeting,
  [Fleeting Notes - Template]

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for helping to think.

The only formula I could get that looks like it would help, is the DuplicatePage() formula. Unfortunately thought, the destination for the new page has to be another page, it cannot be a canvas column.

I have worked around that by having a button on the row, that will create a template page in a parent page, and saving the link in the row. I would have liked the page to be created in a canvas column. but this works as well. (Actually, this is what I did before Canvas columns were made available.)

@Piet_Strydom @anon66556985 @Ed_Wei ,

I was having the same issues discussed in the thread but I figured out how to create dynamic canvas columns based on a condition.

If you’re still interested, here’s the link to the thread about conditional canvas column templates.


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