PDF Previews and Reading

A lot of explorations concerning PDF previewing and reading have been provided in the community. Here’s a little snippet showing how I approach this challenge and a document that shows it in action.

User Expectations

When we think of including PDF documents in a Coda app, the typical reaction is — … this user experience is not helpful.

What would be better?

Well, this is the requirements bar we set at Stream It:

  1. Must provide full in-line PDF document preview with scrolling.
  2. Must support expanded larger view with one click.
  3. Dynamic preview sizing in tables.
  4. Drag-and-drop additions; no custom or document-dependent formula edits.

The number-one requirement from users I’ve spoken with is the ability to scroll (or swipe) in the preview thumbnail because that’s how users find specific passages. Lacking the ability to perform a full text search, this is obviously the next best thing.

Coda checks all of these boxes if you know how to extract the URL of a Coda-bound file and embed it in a Canvas field. This document exposes these details.

Extracting the Coda URL for PDF Files

This is achieved with a formula in the hidden field PDF URL. It’s a little tricky but highly useful.

ParseJson(_Merge(thisRow.[PDF File]) + "", "#/publicUrl")

Embedding in a Canvas

With the URL for each file, it’s now possible to embed the document into a canvas field.

Embed(thisRow.[PDF URL])

In the example document, I’ve embedded the formula in each canvas item for demonstration purposes, but at Stream It, we tend to use canvas templates in cases like this. There’s a good discussion of templating canvasses here and here


That’s pretty neat work-around :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing it

This is amazing - thank you so much for sharing! SO useful!


thanks @Bill_French for sharing this

it is EXTREMELY useful
but not self evident



How did you hide the other columns from the canvas view?

Simple. Edit the layout of the Canvas field and remove all fields but Canvas itself.

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Thank you! I appreciate it :slight_smile: