Launched: Full size PDF embeds

When we launched file uploads and attachments last month, we heard your feedback that you’d also like to be able to see PDF files in-line with other page content. As of today, you can do exactly that!

After you’ve attached a PDF to a page, right click it to open your display options. Select "Embed,” and resize as desired. Be advised that the file has to finish uploading for the “Embed” option to be available.

:bulb: Pro tip: This also works for mp4 files!

You can still click on the file to view it in the light box, or right click to download. Cheers!


Does embedding/uploading a file have any impact on doc loading speed?


Hi @Connor_McCormick,

Think of it like a webpage referencing a large image, the page will load, but you may notice a time lag while the image itself comes in. So it shouldn’t affect the doc load time, but the attachment itself might need some more time to come in if it’s large.