Embed of pdf from Google Drive doesn't work

  • File sharing in Google Drive set to anyone with link
  • embed in Coda via formula and force: true


Any idea on how to fix?

Dear @Julian_Englert,

This are tricky things to give a straight forward reply on. :thinking:

Did you try with the “Embed()” or just paste the link in the doc?
Did you try with any other random *pdf file?

*Not sure if it will work, but to print your *pdf to a new .pdf and share it in this way to embed could also be a solution. (Don’t ask me why!)

The problem magically resolved itself overnight: Today, all pdf embeds in my Coda doc work again :man_shrugging:


I guess we all have something to be thankful for :rofl:

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I’m still having this problem. I can embed other GDoc or Microsoft documents, but PDF embedding fails. I’m using Embed(“https://drive.google.com/…”). I’ve tried different kinds of URLs such as the direct download URL, but no luck. I’ve checked and rechecked the permissions.

Anybody else?