PDF embeds with Dropbox

I keep files at Dropbox and in my (and I guess I’m not alone) work we use PDF:s a lot. I want to be able to embed PDFs from Dropbox into my coda doc but it seems impossible to get it to preview. It just becomes a link to Dropbox.

Is this solvable? In the “embed” documentation for Coda they use Google Drive to embed a PDF and it looks like a breeze. I just want this - but with Dropbox.


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Agreed… Was very surprised to find Coda doesn’t embed PDFs.

I tried for a while with Dropbox but eventually switched back to Google Drive because we deal with PDFs and embedding the image is important to our workflow.

I liked Dropbox pack because of its sub folders sync support, and Google drive pack for embedding files. Hopefully both features will be available for both packs someday.