Suddenly embedded PDF files are no longer displayed

Embedded PDFs are no longer displayed either on pages or in Canvas columns. I can only open the PDFs by double-clicking and also download them.
I even created a new doc and tried to embed a small PDF, but it doesn’t show up on the page.

This affects all browsers and the Android app.

What has happened?

Follow-up: As soon as I open the page with the embedded PDF file, it is downloaded automatically (Chrome). That’s weird.

I’ve got the exact same issue! Yesterday it was just working fine and now - the embed doesn’t work anymore and it tries to download the file.

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I have the same issue! what’s worse is our global policies Doc is built using embedded PDFs and when i navigate between the pages (there are at least 40) it automatically downloads the PDF.

Already had to delete 40+ downloads!


I also have the same issue. This is a major problem because we do all our reporting to our clients using embedded PDF files in Coda docs. Coda you need to fix this right away and also let your customers know that you are giving it top priority.

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Update 2024-03-01 16:20 CET: They are currently taking a look at the issue.

Hello, we are currently experiencing these exact issues within our organization for many users as well, if we could get an update from Coda as well on this that would be great…Also happy to submit a ticket on this as well.


Having this issue as well! Hopefully, it’s a quick fix. :pray:

Hey there everyone. Alison from customer support here. This bug should be fixed. If everyone could refresh their docs and give it a check I would appreciate it.

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