Embed not found. (Sharing a Doc with a Synced Page)

Hello everyone, I’m not sure if I need to post this here, but I have a problem with coda that I consider a bug.

I created a doc (Doc B) to contain some synced (embedded) pages from another doc (Doc A). The goal is to share Doc B to other person, so that they can see only the pages I embedded, rather than the full document, that contains also other private information.

If I look at Doc B with the Publish preview, everything works fine. But if I access the published document as another user, instead of my page, I see a page with the “Embed not found.” message in it.

The problem is the same in both Share and Publish.

What do you think? Is what you would have expected from this situation? Or rather, you will have expected the external user to be able to see the embedded page?


hi @Matteo_Furia , welcome to the community and good to read you are using sync pages

the current sync logic requires that the person with access to Doc B also has also access to Doc A, if this is not the case, it won’t work and you have to wait until Coda comes with un update on the sync pages. Coda does not share any dates or time line.

Cheers, Christiaan

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