Reaction to Sync pages in Coda 4.0.-Syncing/Embedding Paragraphs

Just tried Syncing pages between docs. It works great and it’s a great addition.

However, what I usually need is sync paragraphs.

At the moment, if you try and “Embed” a single paragraph, within the same doc it doesn’t display.

I understand Syncing paragraphs between docs could produce all sort of permission complexity.
However I can’t even embed a paragraph from one page into another page of the same doc! I don’t see a reason for this.

If I can sync coda pages, external pages and coda tables, why not paragraphs?..any thoughts?


You can indeed embed a PARAGRAPH from one document to another.

  1. go to the source paragraph and use the paragraph menu to copy the link to the paragraph
  2. go to the destination document and use the formula embed(“…”) with the link

This will embed the paragraph in the destination document at the point where you entered the formula.
It will be synchronised with any changes that are made to the source paragraph.


There are 2 limitations;

  1. it is a one-way sync (from the source doc to the destination doc)
  2. you must use 2 separate docs - you cannot sync to the same doc.

So I suspect you are running up against one of those two limitations.

Thanks Max, but I have tried that. Note I am doing it within the same doc. Perhaps I’m doing something else wrong?

If I use the formula I get the error “This doc can’t be embedded in itself”.

Or if I used the embed function:

I get the error "“This link can’t embedded”.

I have checked that the whole page is shareable and even published.

i suspect the problem is that you are trying to sync the paragraph to the SAME document.
the source document and the destination document cannot be the same.
it is not supported at this time.

Yeah exactly.

This should be the easiest case to implement, as there are no permission issues within the same document.

Its also very useful, to avoid redundancy within a document.

So why not allow it?