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We’re DYING for a way to utilize the sync page feature with more selective user permissions/share settings to the “synced” and “main” doc. Our goal is to create a “source of truth” document that houses the most important and in some cases, sensitive, information of our business. The trouble is that different teams contribute in different ways to this “source of truth” document. We need to be able to show them certain pages in our “main” doc without giving them access to entire thing.

I understand cross-doc sharing could help with this, but we lose all of our beautiful formatting. I like the page sync feature because of this reason specifically, it syncs exactly how I’ve built it, formatting and all. It seems like the easiest solution is to allow permission/share setting customization to the “embed” doc that is different from the “main” doc.

Has anyone else come up with a good solution for this? OR know if something like this is on the horizon?

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Hi Brianne,

This is a topic that is important for most Coda users. Coda is aware of the need, and is actively working on it.

Unfortunately it is a non-trivial problem to address. Coda has announced a 4 phase plan to implement this. Phases 1 and 2 has been released, and Coda is actively working on phase 3.

Because the basic idea is to protect sensitive information and not just a new way to share information, Coda is taking the necessary effort to ensure that it is designed and implemented correctly.

Their are workarounds, but typically difficult. But there IS something on the horizon, and we all hope that the horison is fairly close.



@Christiaan_Huizer gives a good summary here:

(Click-through for the formatted version.)

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This is great news! Thanks so much :smiley:

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