Did Coda just enable Single Page Sharing?!

Did Coda just silently enable single page sharing?! I :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: no longer see the “Open in Doc” option for embedded pages! Please make it to be true! :pray:

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Hi, in progress :slight_smile:
it should arrive soon, it was presented a few months ago


But there is no longer an “open in doc” option! Or how can user now enter the main document? I am asking this because I don’t see the option and assume there is no other way to enter the source doc?

yes it’s true I don’t have the “open in document” anymore. I’ve just seen this.
for the moment : you can create a button that opens a link to your doc

There is sometimes strange behavior:
I have a button that creates a row and opens it → this opens the main document and opens the row → It’s a table that isn’t present on the page.


But If it’s only about viewing it shouldn’t be a problem I guess?

hum, no I think you can also play with the doc.
You can’t modify its structure or move blocks. But you can change values.

Edit : now it’s possible to move blocks directly via the sync page.

You just have to hover over the lock icon to see the option.


I don’t have this :thinking:

Probably just Coda testing stuff so I’m not that surprised.

This option is only avaiable if you have access to the source document! Doesn’t work with my other account with has no access to the source.

This is what I see when using an account with no access to the source doc.

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Yes, it seems like a step in between. You still have to set the visibility settings in the source document to “everyone with the link” to be able to see it as an embedded page in another document. However, users won’t get this link by being able to click on “open source” on the doc with the embeded page.

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I’ve experienced the same thing and noticed that it happens when using sub-pages, so unfortunately, I couldn’t sync the entire document, otherwise, it would open the row in the source document. Also, I can’t visualize files on the sync page, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this too.