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I’ve been reading on Coda’s plans to eventually allow page-level sharing, and I wanted to ask the community about using sync pages in the interim. My scenario is I am a freelance writer and I have a doc where I manage my business with pages for contacts, clients, projects, etc. The thing I want to do is share a project task list/timeline page from my system with individual clients (i.e., a few people at one company) so we have a single source of truth on project status and deliverables.

My question is: I thought I could use sync as a work-around/temp solution to share this page with clients…by creating a new doc (1 for each client) and then creating a sync page between my business doc and the new client facing doc, effectively sharing one page to the client. My problem is permissions – I think in order for this to work, I would have to grant access to the client to both the pages, which would then give client access to my business doc, which I don’t want (has info about other clients, financials, etc).

Am I understanding this right? I know the eventual page sharing solution will address this, I am wondering if I can use sync pages in the meantime.

Thank you Coda experts for your advice!

hi @Kevin_Blasko ,

You are not the first one to seek to understand how the sync pages work, it is not that obvious.

coda defined 4 phases. They are working on phase 3 (so we are in phase 2).

  • phase 2: permissions in target & source doc are the same and you can view, not edit
  • phase 3: permissions in target & source doc are the same and you can view and edit
  • phase 4: permissions in target & source doc are not the same and you can view & edit

For the moment you can use cross docs and share a filtered view of your table with clients (one view per client), but they cannot edit this info

the alternative is using a pack to sync data between various docs. These packs will increase complexity. While you are building it feel natural, when you come back in x months, you wonder why it works as it does.

Coda is not giving any time line for phase 4, I guess it will be late 2024. It seems a hard problem to solve, not at least because insights in what may be practical for a user is evolving as well.

Cheers, Christiaan


Thank you @Christiaan_Huizer! That’s helpful to know. BTW, I like how you broke down the phases…very clear!

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