Share just one single page?

Is it true that if you share a page, you’re sharing your ENITRE doc? Is there any way to only share one page without them being able to everything else you’ve got in there?

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Hey Kelly - thanks for posting! Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to share just a single page of a doc. This is definitely a commonly requested feature, so I’d be happy to add a “vote” to this on your behalf :slight_smile:

Some possible alternatives in the meantime…

  • You can use locking to limit what viewer can see/do on each page, but this won’t entirely block them from viewing the page
  • If you don’t need pages securely blocked, you have the option to hide pages.
  • Finally, some folks use cross-doc to sync certain tables out to new docs, then they grant access to just those new docs.

Sorry for any inconvenience - but thanks for sharing your idea :+1:


+1 to improve page sharing and cross doc access. Also moving pages to other docs is a real pain. In this regards, I would hope for a structure like in Notion. One workspace with pages which would equal One doc with pages in Coda.


@Lena_Webster - can you add a vote for this on my behalf as well please.

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