Share single page with sub pages

hey Community,

I’m finding it a challenge to share a page with subpages in a workspace to a client without them getting access to my entire workspace.

My usecase is i onboard new users to a tech product, i have a workspace for onboarding, and each page is dedicated to the onboarding project.

All tasks roll up into on “main task” page for my ease of use while per page it is filtered down.

For some reason i can’t share a single page to a client without them getting access to all data/pages/other client info.

Can someone help me here?

how do you share a single page with subpages without giving access to the entire workspace in coda?

Hi @Nigee_Engel :blush: !

If by workspace you mean doc … well, sadly, single-page sharing is still not available at the moment :pensive:

But I think our Dear Codans are looking into giving life to this missing feature which has been asked for way more time than I can count on the Community :no_mouth:

As a “workaround” you could take a look at Cross-Doc or @Paul_Danyliuk’s version of the feature, the pack : Sync Table Pro

And relying on webhook might be another possibility…

Here are some packs that might potentially help you:

There are quite a few webhook packs in the gallery :innocent:

Is there a way i can hide the menu bar on a “shared” page? is there a pack for that?

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