Share just one single page?

Hello @nathan ,

I would like to share my use case: we record activities for a lot of people. There is a people table, there are activity tables, there are condition tables (like location, the wheater, etc.).

I have a page with a view of a table, it is filtered to only show activities of the logged in user. The table itself is related to a lot of other tables, which are stored in my doc, but not on this page.

I would love to share just this one page with a group of people so that they can see, upon logging in, all of their activities. They would have access to just this one page, but the page itself would have to pull information from all over my doc. By setting the proper locking scheme I can secure my table against unwanted changes. I am using this scheme already (for some users), but until I can make sure that users can only access this one page, I can’t roll it out to just anyone. I would also put some buttons on this page (or group of pages) that would register in some table that this user is online, or at a certain location, or things like that. These buttons would interact with tables elsewhere in my doc, but those table or pages would not be accessible directly by these users.

Likewise, my team has access to my entire doc, but I would like to prevent them from accessing the pages where my lookup lists and default settings are stored. If I make views of these tables (probably filtered) available to them they could change data in the main table through the views, but by making columns hidden and by filtering, I could control exactly what could or couldn’t be changed.

I am sure I am forgetting a thing or two, but that’s the direction I would like to see this go.



+1 to everything @joost_mineur said above.

One specific use case for me is sharing project updates with clients. I want to set up a page that shows them the tasks I’m working on, stuff they owe me, links to invoices that are due/paid, etc. All of these things would pull from elsewhere in the doc, where other clients’ info also lives (hence the need for single-page sharing and tight privacy).

In terms of permissions, I’d like to be able to say a “guest” (in this case, the client) would be able to:

  • click buttons
  • open and view cards
  • filter using input fields
  • vote on things via “reaction” functions
  • make comments

…but make no other changes.

And I’m desperate to be able to share that level of permissions with a “guest” without them having to create a Coda account. I’ve found that currently-required step to be a major barrier for clients who don’t want to adopt a new thing in order to interact with my workflow.


+1 to everything you listed above.

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I think there is a fundamental question to the doc…

For my case, I work as private tutor and also do blogging. In order to plan every aspect of my “online academy content” I write them down in a single doc (website design, marketing, course content, etc…) because I can access elements between different pages. Nevertheless, we cannot access elements from different docs.

Sometimes, I make an online quizz with participants and I need to share the methodology to my lawyer to make the privacy policy. The only thing I could do is creating a new doc and copy paste the content. But, I would like to keep everything in one place (one source of truth). Also, I don’t like to share the whole doc (because I’ve got all my business information which I don’t want other to see).

I think it’d be great for the doc to be able to share just one page and its child content. About the content from other pages/tables/… you could just “paste-values” instead of referencing and making accesible the whole content.

Just a little reflection on this that may help on clarifying this Feature Request…

PD: it may also be the case that I don’t get the coda philosophy (just yet) :sweat_smile:


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Hi everyone! We have what is hopefully some nice progress in this area. Starting today, you can copy a page to a new doc, and adjust the sharing settings of that doc so that your new audience only has access to the new page in the new doc.

Learn more here: Launched: Copy a page to a another doc