Launched: Copy a page to a another doc

Sometimes you need to add or move a page to a new or existing doc. But who has time for copy/paste?

Now, you can copy a page to another doc with the click of your mouse. Simply hover over the name of the page you want to copy and click on the three dots menu (…) that appears. Then, click "Copy to doc” and follow the prompts.

main image copy page to new doc.gif

Copy a page to an existing doc
Choose from your list of existing docs in the menu to copy the page to the existing doc your prefer.

Copy a page to an existing doc 2.gif

Copy a page to a new doc
Select “New doc” from the menu to create a new doc and move the page you wish to copy, then choose the folder you want to add the new doc to.

Copy a page to a new doc.gif

Copy options for tables
If your page contains a table, you will be prompted to select the rows to include in your copied doc. If you wish to copy the structure of the doc, but not the data, being prescriptive about this option is key.

You can select:

    • All rows, including those hidden by a filter
    • Visible rows only
    • No rows, just column headers

copy rows image.gif

Copy options for subpages
If your page contains subpages, those subpages will automatically be copied unless you toggle the option to copy subpages to “OFF”.

subpage image.gif

:bulb: Tips and tricks

  1. If the page you want to copy contains tables or table-views, keep in mind that these tables or table views become new tables without any connection to tables in your original doc.
  2. Sometimes you want to share one page of a doc, without updating the doc’s sharing permissions. Copy a page to a new doc for easy viewing with less granular sharing permissions.
  3. Copying a page to a new doc is an easy way to create your own template. Maybe you like the structure of a page and you want to use it in a different doc. Voila, an ad-hoc template!
  4. This action does not relocate or delete your original page. If you don’t want two copies available in your workspace, remember to go back to the original doc and delete the original page.

:lock: Copy and sharing permissions

  1. Sharing permissions for the copied page will be associated with the doc you move the page to. If you wish to maintain the same sharing settings, double-check the settings on your new or existing doc.
  2. Makers, editors, and viewers can copy a page from a doc with copy permissions turned on. If you are a viewer in a company workspace, the copied page will be created in your personal workspace.
  3. If the copy permission in the original doc is turned off, you will need edit access in the original doc to copy a page.
  4. If you are participating in the new editor beta, you will not be able to copy a page from a doc that is not included in the beta to a doc that is included in the beta.

copy doc turn off image.gif

Copy/paste is so 2021. Enjoy!


I just scared my dog because I literally shouted “YESSS!”

Only last week, I was thinking about how I really needed this for the ideal workflow on something, thank you!


So cool!

Unfortunately getting this error when attempting to copy a page to a new doc. Any ideas why?

That is a really awesome update!! Thanks a lot.
Also the tipps at the end are great. Very nice so share a part of a doc with someone or to make templates.


@Scott_Collier-Weir it looks like you are participating in our new editor beta. I just updated the post to reflect this, but if you are attempting to copy a page from a doc that is not included in the beta to a doc that is, you will receive that error. This is because beta docs are on the most recent Coda schema and you can’t copy across schemas.

Please let me know if you have other questions!


Excellent!! That was one my most awaited feature!! Makes Coda even more valuable!!


Wow that’s a major improvement. Thanks a lot Coda team for an early Christmas gift.

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A very welcome Christmas surprise, thank you!
However, it took me a bit at first to understand that the display of the list of available target docs happens with some delay. At first you only see “New doc”. Until the list of all docs opened for me (I only have a minimal number of docs) it took 5 seconds. Could it be that the reason is that one of my docs works with the new (beta) editor? Or is this just a delay that is yet to be shortened?

Thank you very much, this is really nice and useful.

I always read and try to understand the instructions. I had to read the following a couple of times before I understood what it says:

Without punctuation and the way it is written it might be a little bit confusing. So for people like me, I would formulate it:

“If the copy permission in the source doc is turned off, you need to have edit access to the source doc to to use this new ‘copy a page’ feature”.

The following confused me a little as well:

The way it looks to me, any table that gets copied from one doc to another looses its connections with anything in the old doc, no matter if it started as a table or a view. So I would rephrase that to:

“1. If the page you want to copy contains tables or table-views, keep in mind that these tables or table views become new tables without any connection to tables in your original doc.”


Ah awesome, this is such fantastic news. Well done team, keep up the good work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@joost_mineur great feedback! We always appreciate feedback about our messaging to make sure we are making features easy to adopt. I made some changes that will hopefully help clear up some of the confusion you mentioned. Thanks a bunch!


This is going to help me big time with a project I have underway. I so appreciate the attention to this aspect of the functionality for users. I started using Coda for organizing a theatrical production I’m building from the ground-up. It’s been really helpful to have Coda as an organization and management tool for all the pieces of the project. There’s been a learning curve though that has resulted in a bit of a mess on some pages of the doc. Now, I’m getting ready to bring others into the work, and I want them to have something really clean to reference even if they don’t end up becoming users of the doc. So this is going to make my life so much easier I think!! Thank you!

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Hi Shreyan - Welcome to the community.

I hope you bring such wonderful news every time that you post on the community!! :wink:

Rambling Pete


Great feature @Shreyan_Gupta, it’s a real time saver.

Just one important point, I came across, the Coda versions on what the doc has been build must be the same.

  • Where can I see the Coda version my doc was build on?
  • Is it possible to upgrade / downgrade the version of my docs?

I’m also very interested in the answer to the question of how to find out the version of a doc. I have not been able to find any such information even in the source code.

If I’m not mistaken, the “Coda version” of a doc can be seen by accessing the the Settings of the doc (i.e.: clicking on the gear icon :blush: )


and then selecting the menu Statistics

In Statistics there’s a section called Usage. You should find the version somewhere in there :blush:
Version 2

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@Pch Cool! Thank you very much!

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I have docs in version 163 + 164 + 165 that I would like to bring together.
An error message tell me to wait for update of my docs.
When / how will that happen? Can I do anything to speed it up?

Hi Rene, we are working to process and update docs. Sadly, we are unable to give you an individual estimate when your particular docs will be completed. Rest assured, the update is underway and ongoing. Thank you for your continued patience!