Move/copy Page to other Document

Why is this not possible yet? It seems like a super easy feature add, is it not?
As already discussed here:

Some use cases:

  1. Draft & Production Docs. e.g. I have Doc #1 for pages that I’m still working on / shouldn’t be visible to my team, and Doc #2 which my whole team uses. I want to move a page from Doc #1 to Doc #2 once it is ready.
  2. Personal & Team Docs. e.g. I have a great resource in [my personal] Doc #1 that I now want to share with my team, but Coda doesn’t make it easy to move it into [my team] Doc #2.

There is a way!

If you select all of the content on one page and then copy it, you can create a new page and paste all of that content. :grinning:

Tell me if you have any questions.

Hello! This is now enabled via the feature update in this post: Launched: Copy a page to a another doc

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