Copying Pages between Docs

This is really big feature that Coda is missing, and its really strange for me because I haven’t run into similar limitation on other platforms.
It makes managing and developing and growing documents and workspaces really, really painful. Most of time time its absolutely impossible to envision where each page will go (sometimes you want to move to other document, or you form totally separate docu for some sub part and split documents, etc.) or what will exactly go where or need to go in future.
In my time (which is not that long) of using Coda even for my private needs I run into this problem multiple times, and it created a lot of additional work and time spent, where simple copy/move page would do all the job. I don’t even want to think about problems in slowly migrating my company to Coda and having to redo and spent countless hours in future as more and more people move to platform and documents and pages start to be more complex.
This is really a one (maybe the biggest at this point) limiting feature for us to more heavily invest into platform and move most of our operations here.
Is there any information is this at all in roadmap in some closer future or is it at all feature that is planned? Any info would be useful

Hi @Marko_Petrovic :slight_smile:
It’s not probably the answer you were looking for but when you copy a table coda copy it as a csv formatted text, so if you basically do this in the original page in DocA:

cmd+a, cmd+c (or cmd+x if you want to move the page) (or ctrl, or select all and cut)

And then you just paste it (cmd+v) in DocB you get the same result you were looking for.
Table keeps their interrelationship and it’s already in there.

This solution have the only limit that in some cases a copy cannot be done because items are too “heavy”, but it’s rare and if they are template maybe they are empty…
Also, if some relationship was built with table in other pages those will break if also those table won’t be copied (or more easily put all the tables you need in one page and copy-paste everything).

Then, ultimately, in the long run i think that a drag and drop feature to copy a section from a doc to another will be a cool feature to add, also if not so felt by me personally.

The best part of this community is anyway to collect various suggestions or feedback, i’m sure that more Makers have faced problems similar to yours so let’s wait for some other ideas :smiley: