Copy Pages across coda doc

Hi all,

Is it possible to copy some pages (and its content and subpages) in a coda doc to different coda doc? I only find duplicate button (so, copy/paste in same coda doc, not across different doc).


Dear @Pandu_Putra,

There are two possible paths you can take to achieve it:

  1. Copy the whole doc and delete that what you don’t need
  2. Open a new doc in a different tab, copy the content from the original ( page by page) and paste this in your new doc at the other tab. Repeat this till you have everything your need.

Important to be aware, when tables have a related (lookup) tables, you need to be aware to have all copied as otherwise it’s functionality will break!

:raised_hands: Hopeful we will see soon the possibility to be able to create personal templates :raised_hands:

Wow thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets for prompt answer!

I more or less figured out those 2 solutions already, but I was hoping more direct way were I can copy pages (and its content/subpages) from one doc and paste it on another. I have a section that has quite an extensive pages / subpages system set up in one docs that I just wanna copy this whole section to another doc that I create. The first solution won’t really work because the destination doc has already pages and sections. The second solution is quite tedious because I have quite amount of pages and subpages.

Regarding to the relation, those that will still work of course only need to be the ones that still have their tables in those pages that I copied. If one of the tables are missing (not copied), than the relation will just simply dosn’t work. It’s understandable.

I take it that there are no such a function (copy and paste across doc) for now. Hopefully the team will consider making it. :smiley:


@Pandu_Putra Agreed!
It was quite a shock coming to Coda from Notion and finding that I couldn’t move Pages to another Doc…even if they didn’t contain Tables or Lookups and simply contained markup.

The limitation really removes being able to develop a project or an idea in a fluid manner and then reorganize once it’s fleshed out. It forces full consideration and planning for where you want the content and functionality to live before you even begin to flesh out the idea…

In my early days of working with Coda (before being aware of this limitation) I had to spend hours rebuilding a complicated relational system from scratch because when you copy/paste those related tables to a new Doc, there remains “ghost relations and lookups” from the original Doc. I could see them in the Doc map but there was no way to delete them and it was confusing for the users.