Duplicate Page without creating new views but keeping lookups/formulas

Hey there,

I’m new to Coda so forgive me if it’s an obvious question. I tried searching and couldn’t find a solution to this.

Basically I would like to duplicate a page(with its subpages) for versioning control so that all pages have unique sets of data. I don’t want to have to duplicate a whole Doc, because I’d like to make each 1 Doc per Project.

So for example I have:
Page v01 (Table v01 with links to Subpage v01)
→ Subpage v01 (Table v01 with links to Page v01)

Where both these pages have tables with different values that communicate with either lookups or formulas or views.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to duplicate Page v01 together with its subpages, but still keep a link between them, but duplicating the actual tables inside as well and not creating new views of the same table, like so:

Page v02 (Table v02 with links to Subpage v02)

  • Subpage v02 (Table v02 with links to Page v02)

At the moment when I duplicate, I get the following:

Page v02 (new view of Table v01 with links to Subpage v01)

  • Subpage v02 (new view of Table v01 with links to Page v01)

hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:

thank you

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Hello @Rickt ,
I am not sure about the links you are talking about (what would they link to?), but for the tables there is a little work around to do what you want to do. It is a little bit of work, but whichever way you go, there is always some handling involved.
Make yourself a helper doc and call it something that won’t confuse you so that you won’t end up working in the wrong doc at some point, so something like VersioningHelperDoc would do.
In your source doc, mark and copy the table that you want to duplicate. Paste it in the VersioningHelperDoc. Mark the just copied doc and copy it. In your source doc, paste it (on the same page where the original is or on a new page). You will find that you have an identical copy of the original table, using the same lookups and formulas, but is acting independent of the source tabel. You might want to rename it for better future identification, or leave it to Coda to come up with a name and sequential number.

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hi @joost_mineur , thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

I believe that just duplicating tables though without turning them into a new view and keeping formulas is already possible with just copy paste and ‘duplicate data instead’?

What I was referring to though, is duplicating whole pages instead, so that multiple tables that ‘link’ to each other (in terms of formulas, lookups or views) get duplicated whilst still maintaining this link between the new versions, instead of linking to the source version.

But I’m guessing that will never be possible since the duplication process won’t know which data to link back to the source and which one to duplicate and re-link… unless you could choose.

A logic tree view could definitely solve this, where you could select a whole logic tree and just duplicate it into a new tree.

I guess I’ll go with something similar to what you said, and just duplicate pages and copy it back to my source document.

thank you!

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Hi there! By any chance, how do you copy pages back to the source document?

I understand it can be done on tables, but not sure about pages :frowning: