Duplicate a page and add to table

I am trying to create a table with all the meetings I have coming up. For each meeting I want to have a separate page for agenda and notes. To achieve this I have created a page that acts like a template which I am then duplicating and renaming using DuplicatePage([Weekly Catch up \[Template\]], Today().join(' ','- Weekly Catchup')) this gives me a new meeting page prefixed with todays date.

Once I have created the new page I want to add it as a row in my meetings table, ideally as a title linked in the name column.

I have to issues, firstly I don’t know how to chain actions to carry the data across. So once I create my new page how can I store the page title and url to be used in the subsequent action to add it as a new row on the meetings table.

Secondly I see no way in the Coda formulas to target specific pages.