Access the url of a duplicated page


I am currently evaluating Coda for our company, and I am amazed by the power of the tool, but I am hitting a snag.

I have a table called Products, that lists all products that we sell. For each product, I would also like to have a normal page that allows me to add unstructured information, and I would like to create such a page automatically at the press of a button.

To do this, I created a template for a new product page (called Product Template Page). I then added a button in the Products table with the formula Activate(DuplicatePage([Product Template Page], thisRow.Name, [Product pages])). This creates a new page for that product, with the title of that page set to the name of the product.

Now as a last step , I would like to be able to add a link to the newly created page back into the Products table. The problem is that the DuplicatePage doesn’t return an object whose url I can query. Is there any way to access the url of that newly created page automatically at page creation?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello @Eric_Rabbath ,
There have been similar threads in this forum and I have tried it myself: the consensus is that this is not possible (yet).

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I must have missed the other threads about the topic, apologies for the duplicate question.

Thanks for the answer anyway!

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Your use case is now possible: see the doc below which captures the Page name in the table