Copying & Pasting From Another Coda Doc Challenge

Hello All,

I’m testing out Coda docs and have a challenge copy/pasting. I have a Coda doc with 2 sections, A & B. The last time I updated Section B, Section A updated with my inputs to Section B.

When I restored a previous version and copy/pasted the info from one coda doc to another, both sections update, regardless of which section I past the info.

Has anyone else struggled with this? I’m sure it’s user error but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Great question @Joseph_Simons. I think what may be happening is one of your sections (let’s say Section A) has a table and Section B has a view of that table. Tables and views are connected to each other so if you make an update in Section B (the view of the table), those updates will show up in the table in Section A. In order to make sure Section B does not contain a view of the table in Section A, I would just add a blank new table to Section A. Feel free to share your doc with and we can help you further figure out the solution!

One quick way to see if this is the case is to click on the doc map icon to see all the tables and views in your doc.:

That makes sense. I initially copied the table from Section A as a template for section B so that must be what’s happening.

Thanks so much!

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