Launched: Improved Copy Paste & Duplicate Section


If you’ve been using Coda for awhile, we hope you’ve seen the improvements to copy/paste! Personally, I’m really excited because I use copy/paste a lot to build docs out faster by “borrowing” content from old docs and gallery examples.

So what’s new?

  • Pasting content across docs is much higher fidelity. As an example, we don’t lose buttons, column formats and formulas when you copy / paste across docs.
  • Whenever you paste a range, we maintain relationships between all the copied items. If you copy a control and connected view, the pasted control and pasted view will be connected to each other!
  • We give you options on what to paste:
    • You get to select which rows to bring: the visible ones, all of the rows (including hidden rows) or none of them
    • Inside the same doc, you can decide whether you want to paste everything as views or if you want to duplicate the range.
  • Psst … We also added a duplicate section option. Right click a section name to use it. Would love to hear how this helps with your docs!

Some our favorite ways to use the updated copy/paste experience:

  • Copying an example from a starter kit in the gallery into our docs
  • Copying a favorite base table from a past project into a new one
  • Creating section templates for team docs where everyone needs to contribute in the same format

"Duplicate Section" feature with flexible table references

These are some fantastic additions.



Can’t wait to try this — especially section copy and control/view copy

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Thank you! The duplicate section with the option to duplicate the data was exactly what I needed! :smile:

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It still not working very well… it forgets the dependency for a view to their needed table. It needs an option to copy/move alle needed dependencies and relink associated views.
Maybe a global copy/move option to move sections/tables to a different doc would be also helpful



Hi Frank,

You bring up good points and these are things we hope to get to in a future pass at copy/paste.

For now, we focused on making sure that we brought over the content within the range itself in full fidelity. We’d like to give users the capability to bring dependent content outside the range in the future. In the short term, if you include the dependent tables are in the copied range, the links will be maintained when you copy across doc.

We will also look at supporting bigger ranges (like folders) and relinking across docs over multiple pastes in a future version.




Everything has become so much easier, great implementation.

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This addition is fantastic, and I’ve already used it several dozen times! My question is - is there (or will there be in the future) a way to duplicate a single column, or group of columns within the same table? And is there a way to copy a table (or selection of columns) and add the columns/rows/data to an already existing table? I’m mainly asking this for table building purposes - not actual user interaction.

Background: I’m currently building a training database for a small chain of restaurants used to keep track of several hundred employees and their completion of about 160ish ‘tasks’ that they must complete when they’re hired. These tasks are broken down into 7 blocks. Every week our Director of Training sends the managers a sheet of all 14 shifts for that week which, based on the schedule, has which employee needs to complete what task. The managers after each shift - simply click the corresponding button to the employee’s task they actually completed - and it starts a chain reaction of tracking that task and when all tasks in one block is completed - it triggers an alert letting our Director know they are ready for a test and can move on to the next block.

So the master table will eventually have 160 plus columns of buttons for all 200 plus employees. Every button is exactly the same with the same action once pushed, the only difference being the column name for the button itself and the column name for the set value. It would be amazing if I could copy the button and then simply go in and change the names instead of having to build each button from scratch. Is something like that possible now? Or could be in the future? Or is there another way of doing something like that that I’m just missing?




The ability to copy columns is a great request and is coming - I’ll let the team respond on that.

On your specific scenario, I wonder if there’s a way to model this with a smaller number of buttons. I could imagine using the User() formula to have the button do something different based on each user, or using a SwitchIf() condition in the button logic. If you want to post a sample of what it’s doing, perhaps I (or someone else in the community) could offer some suggestions?