"Duplicate Section" feature with flexible table references

I would love to be able to make a copy of a section and give me the option of whether I want to keep in section table references the same as what they were or update them to reference the newly created tables in the newly created section.


Thanks @Lane_Greer for the suggestion! Can you give more context on how you’d use this and with what kind of content in your docs?

Essentially if I have a section I want to use as a template for other sections I would create a number of views in that section that reference other views on that section and when I create a duplicate of that section I would want all the views to continue referencing the in section references relative to the ones referenced in the template section.


I’m also interested in this, with the same motivation I’ve got via Treat sections as entries in a table

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I’m also interested in this feature.

I currently use OneNote to write my daily journal in. However, I was thinking it might be kind of cool to use Coda and include some fun features (mood tracker, daily weather, etc.). Ideally I would create these items once and then just duplicate the section for each day I want to journal.


I would also love to be able to duplicate a section to use as a template. I use coda to organize test sessions and manually setting up each session is not ideal. I want to duplicate the entire section so that the new sections tables are not associated to the one being duplicated.

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This would so helpful


I could also use this feature. We’re working on a project management template for projects that largely follows the same type of schedule and I’d like to be able to create a calculator that lays out an initial selected schedule and then copy that schedule over to the gantt chart table so it can be modified as the project goes live and is being actively managed.

I imagine this would be kicked off using some type of button to make the copy, but I’m open to other methods.

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This should also applies to references to controls in the section. I many times already copied section that have a table and also a filter at top, then I have to go and change the filter for the table to use the filter controls in this new section since they refer back to the old section.


+1 for me. Would be perfect :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

+1 for me
I will use for create 1 section per project and have a gantt chart to show all the current project (PPM)

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This would be a great feature!

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+1. I have a section template, which I frequently copy out and go change all the filters to the same new value. It would be really nice, to be able to copy a section, have the value replaced with the new field for all the filters in the views.

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+1 I agree! I think this would be a really useful feature!

+1. I’ve been setting up a doc with a number of different visualizations of the same data. Often I want a section that’s almost the same as another section but with one or two tweaks. Right now gotta work from scratch each time.

+1 We’re looking at using Coda to keep track of document management. Things like blog articles all share a similar set of requirements (effectively a “to-do” checklist) and require similar approvals, but right now we’d need to create unique tables for each article. It would save time to just setup an “empty” section for a blog article with the skeleton of what tables, relationships etc. are needed, so the editors can just focus on writing.

This is now launched:

Thanks Coda team!!


Thanks for closing the loop Nick! I missed this thread.