Access Section's content & Hide Section


For emails, articles, and so on.

Current wisdom is to create a section, and then link it. This kinda works, but is far from ideal. First, it requires editors to create a new section, name it properly so they can recognize it, link it and not get the link wrong. If deleting the row, they have to remember to delete the section too.

More importantly, there is currently no way to further post-process content in a section. I would like to replace %%author_name%% automatically, count the amount of words, and so on, but none of that is doable.

I would like to have access to the section’s contents for further processing, and it doesn’t look like we currently can.

I can see a use case for rich text fields, which would actually be sections under the hood, which you could decide, as a user, to expose to the interface or not (“hidden sections”).

This feature would double as way to hide working tables from view.


  • hide sections you don’t want
  • rich text input in tables
  • access to a section’s contents

Note that the gmail pack allows to use a section as the email’s contents, but even then, it doesn’t look like there’s any way to further process the text.

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To note also, sections do get their own little icon (which is not referenced by Introducing formula chips):

It is called a “canvas”, but I can’t seem to find this in any documentation.



This would make Coda so much more pleasurable : )


I’d like to hide the intermediate calculations and directories so that:

  • the user does not break them;

  • to make it easier to navigate through the doc;

  • not to frighten the user with complex calculations such as mathematics :slight_smile:

And hide not only tables, but also other controls and folders/sections: choose “Hide” action in the context menu for the page.