Automatic Section Creation


It would be great if upon a certain condition, New Sections could be automatically created with pre-formatted data/tables or even if a button could accomplish this task.

e.g. if I log a client visit on future X date, a button (or automatically) would create a new section listing all the client visits scheduled for X date w/ relevant columns (address, reason for visit, visit date, visit notes)

Access Section's content & Hide Section

+1 Would be great from a content management perspective to have a section created for each row in a table. For example, have a list of blog articles as a table, with each section containing the full, formatted text. Want to create a new draft? Just add a row, and a new section would be created.

Even better if it could reference cell values, such as pulling in title or headline as a header in a section, then it can be far more dynamically controlled and keep everything organised.


@Murray_Adcock How would this be different than the layouts feature?


To be honest, that might work, though I’m still relatively new to Coda and right now I’m not sure how to implement this. Whilst layouts give you a good way of creating structured content, there are some irritations when entering text (like the fact you can’t enter linebreaks without using shift) that makes using them for copy editing a bit of a pain.

Thanks for the tip though, will continue to look into this as a potential solution :slight_smile: