Combining a section and a table, automatically

Hi coda community!

Im trying to achieve something that Notion currently do very well. That is to have a table entry, but with a more detailed view of the table entry. The use case of this is for a cooking table, where I want to describe and populate the current recipe with a write up, that has pictures list and such for that recipe. See pictures in the bottom for a better understanding.

What Im currently doing is to create a section, that I link to in the table name, again, see pictures for understanding. But I want this to happen a bit more automatically and quickly. Feks can I create a section in a folder, which populates a table? Can I create a table entry that creates a new section? It does not really matter where the entry point is, but I would love just one entry point!

Any suggestions to achive this? Or any other way to maybe do this that I have not thought about?

You can put the picture, the recipe etc (everything you have in a separate section) into a table, e.g. using Big Cells, and then make a Layout view to nicely display the info.

Thanks! I will try them out! I noticed some big cell stuff, but did not recognize the total value of it :slight_smile:

But for automation, do you have any suggestions? Or anything in the pipeline? Making a section from a button, creating a new table view from a button or something?

@Paul_Danyliuk the problem is that this has to have one way of doing the note.
That is why I like the way that is doing it. They let you have like a blogpage inside of a cell. Which is very helpful for this type of flexible views.