Treat sections as entries in a table

For context/motivation: I’d like to create a Coda document that tracks my team’s tech postmortems. But what that entails is generally a section per postmortem with summary + detail information. What I’d like to be able to do is have a table that summarizes some metadata about each section (title, date of occurrence, duration of issue, etc)

What I think we need for that is something akin to a sections table, and some way of creating a view on it, scoped to each section where the author can fill in the metadata fields


Cool use case @Ian_MacLeod!

Have you tried playing around with Section hyperlinking to solve for this? I personally use this all the time as a sort of “Table of Contents” for my docs, and then use the @ referencing in each Section to access the underlying tabular data. Here’s an example:

Would this work for you?


This is what Im working with now, but looking to be able to automate this with a button or something. In the end automating with API. See my use case here: Combining a section and a table, automatically

A current problem with this solution is that it’s not possible to to automatically add a Section link to a table with a button. You have to do it manually.