Create and Update Table of Contents for a Note


Hi all,

First shootout to Coda Team for the awesome product!

The idea
-> Have the capacity to create for a specific “note” a Table of Contents.

Now the reasons to propose this feature:
It’s currently the biggest roadblock to my higher usage of Coda. Because is when we have a note with several sections and we want:

  • Avoid scroll on it;
  • Give the capacity for a first or unusual user understand his content;
  • Avoid create other notes, just to don’t have to create long notes, difficult to scroll.

Note: I end creating Google Docs documents when I want to have long notes.

Possible workarounds
Bookmarks would be also important and would be an interesting workaround, but is not as good from an usability point of view.

Your thoughts? Who agrees?
Your votes! :cry:



Hi @Urbano_Freitas - thanks for the note! We currently enable deep-linking into a section - as you move your mouse around your Coda doc you should be able to see the URL change. So from section A to section B, for example, you can deep link.

However, we do need to add a ‘table of contents’ version which would allow you to deep link into the same section. Thanks for bringing this up!



Deep linking capabilities will be a great workaround. Thanks!

If you needed beta testers I open to it :wink:



I’m voting yes, as in the same doc I would need bigger sections with bookmarks instead of multiple sections.



Yeah, since there already are h1—h3 headers in sections, generating table of contents would be very handy



+1 on an auto generated table of contents!