Suggestions From Our Company For Better Usability

We love coda and ~15 of us are using one large database for everything! But we have a number of suggestions to make it better:

  1. TOP FEATURE REQUEST: Functionality for comments, such as countcomments(), commentedby(), lastcommentdata()

  2. USABILITY REQUEST: Keep the section view accordions collapsed with a memory on a per-user based when reloading. It’s only been 2 weeks and the scroll bar is already 15% of the size of the total scroll bar and shrinking and there is a lot to scroll through without collapsing everything manually. We are aware of the favorites feature, but this is actually adding to the time needed to search in many cases. There’s only 10 categories but 50+ section items. More than 8-10 categories costs time.

  3. Allow invites to automatically bring up email contacts through Gmail? Up to now i’ve been manually looking up copy/pasting each invite from email

  4. When offline, let the user know that certain data is not loading because it is not created; For example (createddate) can not show data when offline, but the user may be confused and not see their wifi or cellular is off.

  5. There seems to be an unusual “feature” when joining math statements that behave unexpectedly as an AND command: For example, if an array A should give a list of logical output A > 5 + A <2, no value shows up because it is forcing an And condition; However adding parens (A > 5) + (A <2) fixes it and does a proper joining.

  6. Would be extremely helpful > A sort of cron job clock hack > A way to have coda automatically initiate formulas on a set schedule, like every 10 minutes, or on a set calendar, or according to an equation

  7. Would be extremely helpful > a way to embed lots of text within a formula in a section, for the purpose of hiding deep content in place. This is very useful when brainstorming lists

  8. The ability to make data tables and formulas that are local in sections, and not global to the document. Big databases become laggy/time-consuming to use as more ad-hoc tables are thrown into sections and it clutters up the table view.

  9. Better aesthetic in Detail>Display>Views - There is only one view that is aesthetically decent to me (the first options); here is an example of what not so helpful aesthetics come up as automatically for a typical table:

    Everything else in Coda is so naturally intuitive and beautiful that this stands out.

  10. We have not been able to use buttons for anything as we thought we might have been able to. Outside of a table, the buttons need usability such as triggering formulas, initiating full jobs, outside function calls, etc. I’m sure this will come in time.

Thank you again with a wonderful product. It’s amazing the kinds of questions and customization people are asking for and you surely have your hands pulled in many directions. Best of luck!

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