It's time to get some of these suggestions users have submitted DONE

@coda team, not trying to be rude but WHERE ARE YOU on getting these requests your USERS have submitted?!!

Here are the things I see over and over again in forums:

  1. Please remove the gallery floater from published documents. Your service is great but what is the point of us publishing under our branded pages if your brand is hovering over? It is confusing and frustrating to users who unknowingly get directed to the gallery.
  2. Please enable basic permission hierarchy for pages in docs. This is basic– notion has it. There’s no reason to not have it…
  3. Please add password protected pages when we published to a custom domain.

Do you have a page where you track our suggestions and where your progress is at? I LOVE YOUR PLATFORM but some of these misses make it hard for me to NOT return back to an alternative like Notion.


Text columns that are truly TEXT - I shouldn’t have to constantly pencil edit the text I paste into the field, which for me is when working with movie and photo file / path names, and at times even numbers.

That Paste (clipboard text) action I requested would be nice pairing to the Copy action within tables.

The Simple Table that was suggested would be nice to finally have on Coda pages as well.