Please don't just randomly add static unremovable things to the All Docs list (or anywhere else)

I’m mostly happy with Coda and see a lot of potential here. However, I have zero use for your templates, galleries, etc. How you might run a meeting or achieve a goal or what-not very likely does not apply to how I might do those same things … at least not enough to pollute the All Docs page with a panel I can’t remove. If you want to suggest templates, fine. Just provide a way to make the suggestion go away. The newest “Save Time with a Template” does not save time and is a distraction for me. Please make it go away.

Similarly, you have items on the left navbar that I can confidently say I’ll never use. These things should be able to be removed via preferences, collapsed, moved, and/or located at the very bottom of the navbar: My Shortcuts, Owned by me, Shared with me, Mentioned, Deleted

For a tool that touts customizability, it’s surprising that you are forcing static choices that aren’t controlled by the user.