New dashboard/home page look


I have noticed few weeks back that my team members got a new dashboard (home page) look but I do not see a way to turn it on, was this rolled out only to some poll of users? I have the laboratory (developer mode) turned on to receive all the updates first :blush:


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Hi Kuba,

You’ve discovered one of our experiments. We’ll be rolling out the new doc list to all of our users over the coming weeks.

Can you point me to the developer mode that you speak of? It’s not connected to the experiment so I’m curious about what you’re referring to.


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Noticed this change too. But it is just a design change? I can’t fint out any functional changes.

Templates I opened stay on my dashboard. I can’t “delete” them, nor remove them from my dashborad. Could there is some function let me remove these templates?


Thanks for the clarification, that is what I thought :slight_smile: Sorry I meant the Enable visuals prototype in Labs section :slight_smile:


Hi Yfzhe,

You’ll continue to see changes roll in over the coming weeks. For now, the big change is making suggested templates available in your doc list.

You mentioned that the templates stay open in your doc list. If you want to hide the list, you should be able to do so by clicking on the second button in the list - it should read “Hide templates”.

If you create a copy of a template, you should see your own copy in your doc list. If you no longer need it, you can always delete it.

If this isn’t what you are seeing, can you send me a DM with a screenshot of the issue.



Last time I wrote my problem on my phone where I can’t capture and upload the photo of dashboards (both the old one and the new one).

So here is the problem:

I like the Coda Community, and I like to visit community docs to learn how to use Coda better. But I want to be able to remove those docs I opened from my dashboard, because I don’t need them any more.