Removing pesky docs from your doc list

Hi all,

As some of you may noticed, this week we launched a new “hide” feature:

Now you can remove docs you don’t own (and therefore can’t delete) from your doc list. Hope this solves some of your frustrations!



Thanks @betty ! Nice work to the coda team on this feature. If you don’t already have it on the list, can you please add?

  1. global setting to choose from:
    a) do not add any shared docs to my coda dashboard
    b) add only shared docs to my coda dashboard from within my gSuite organization
    c) add only shared docs to my coda dashboard from select list of users/email addresses
    d) prompt each time when opening a doc to add / don’t add shared docs to my coda dashboard <-- new user default
    e) add all shared docs to my coda dashboard
  2. button to bulk hide all docs “shared with me”
  3. On :point_right: ability to multi-select docs shared with me & select bulk-hide (including keyboard commands ctrl/⌘+[click] & shift+[click])

Hi @jeo,
Thank you for the feedback! Just to manage expectations, the team is currently tied up in some other exciting updates (stay tuned :grinning:) so we probably won’t get to this too quickly, but I’ve added your thoughts to our backlog!
In the mean time, would it help to remember which tab on the doc list you last looked at? Ie, it seems like most of your gripe is with shared docs. What if we could remember if you last viewed the “Owned by me” tab, and show that one by default instead?

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Thank you :+1: the Coda team builds fast & I can be patient

That sounds reasonable

Hi @betty and others,
Happy to see this, but I’m also wondering why I can’t just remove docs that I don’t own from my Google Drive… I’m not sure of the exact behavior, but it seems like if I poke around a template doc or an example doc that someone built in order to demonstrate a problem they’re having, I’m stuck with that doc in my Google Drive forever. Is that true, or am I just missing something obvious?
Thanks, John-Jack

Hi @John_Beaudoin_Jack,

You should be able to right-click and choose “Remove” from Google Drive to remove any docs you don’t want to see in the list. Same applies to any Google docs, sheets, etc. that you may have in there.


Well, that’s what I thought… And it didn’t seem to be working. Some of the templates and sandboxes seem to resist removal, or to come back at a later date. I’ve removed them all now and will watch to see if they come back, and what actions I might have taken to precipitate that.