Please allow us to delete shared docs and better file organisation



These requests are a MUST and my OCD is going crazy over these issues, even writing this email is getting me worked up.

  1. Please let us have the ability to delete shared docs, if someone shares a doc with us and we no longer need it, let us delete it off our docs list.

  2. Give us the ability to choose our docs storage location, currently it’s in My Drive on my google drive folder but they’re mixed in with everything else, let me have a coda folder PLEASE!


Yes please, at least the option to delete shared docs or hide them


Juanmata, I’m with you on improved file organization. There are feature requests dating back to October 2018 on this (Dashboard organization) and I suspect even older ones as well.

As for the storage location, although you can’t specify it from within the Coda interface, you CAN move all your Coda docs into a different Google Drive folder (or folders). I don’t personally find that super helpful, but it is possible.


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Thank @John_Beaudoin_Jack

I’ll try that