Allow users to organize dashboard through folders

#1 Coda keep being amazing. Everyone at work keeps asking me what this awesome thing I use is.

#2 I know there are many other posts asking for this…I’m hoping the increase in number of posts will push this to the top of the backlog :smile:

My specific use case:

I have to create a separate coda doc for each project/data analysis I run and embed them onto confluence pages(I refuse to use confluence now that this gloriousness of Coda exists). Each doc consists of multiple sections so I want to make sure the section list appears. Otherwise I’d create a single doc with different folders for all my analysis. (But having multiple projects folder show up will confuse people reading them.) The problem now is I have a growing list of docs that I can’t really organize. I know I can use Google Drive, but it’s a pain jumping between the two.

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Thank you for your kind words.and welcome to community.

Regarding #2, Stay tuned - we have heard loud and clear. And it’s not that far off :slight_smile: