Coda Docs page : need a way to organise documents

Now that I have a lot of different documents within Coda, I would like to be able to arrange them in folders, for the sake of clarity. It would be nice to have a search bar also.


I‘m currently use Google Drive to make that happen. With the Cloud & Backup software on you computer should even be able to manage/open/find the Docs within your OS as .glink files.

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How do you currently organize Coda docs in Google Drive? I found that when I create a new doc it automatically puts it in the root Google Drive folder. Even if I navigate to a subfolder in my Drive and create a new Coda doc via New=>More=>Coda, Drive doesn’t create the new doc in the current subfolder. I end up having to go back to Google Drive and moving the docs manually to the subfolder I want.

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Yeah, that is true. It is manageable for me since I currently just have a few Coda Docs I work and don’t have to create new ones that often. If you create a lot of new docs, this won’t be a satisfying solution.

FYI you can now create docs within your Google Drive subfolders, see this article!


This is nice! But I still think that a Coda hub with folders for documents would be great.


Yeah, the current doesn’t seem to be all that useful. I wish we had more control over organization. Creating folders for clients, favoriting specific docs, last updated/edited, all very quickly accessible.


@tomavatars and @alex I agree. Even know there is a work around it doesn’t benefit me very well within Coda. My whole company uses Coda and when someone shares a document in a different department that I need access to I would like to categorize it per department so my list isn’t so long and convoluted.