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I have been using Notion extensively and am just getting into Coda. I have created a few documents and it looks like this could be messy, very quickly. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to organize my documents into folders? For example, I would like to be able to create a Clients folder with subfolders for documents created for each client.


@Garland_Coulson_Captain_Time Welcome to Coda!!! :grin: Moriah here, I’m a software engineer on the team here.

This is a GREAT point and feedback we’ve heard from a bunch of folks – so you’re definitely alone. We’ve had some great conversations at Coda about when we might be able to incorporate some deeper sub-folder structures in docs, so no promises on timing but keep an eye out because it is on our radar. :eyes:

In the meantime, hopefully you have discovered that for now you can create at least one level of folders in any Coda doc: to make a folder, click “+ New” at the bottom of your sections list and then select “folder.” From there you can drag existing doc sections into your folders or add new ones.

Hope this tides you over for now until we have even more folder organization available for you! Keep the feedback and questions coming, we love hearing from you.


@Garland_Coulson_Captain_Time I’m rereading your question, and realized you may actually be asking about folders in your doc list, whereas I was replying about additional sub-folders for sections inside a single doc. We actually will be releasing something soon that’s actively in development which will allow you to add more organization into your overall doc list. :smile: We’ll make sure to give you a heads up when that’s available, as well.

In the meantime on that front, you do have the ability to organize your Coda docs on Google Drive. All your docs are saved with Coda, but you can see them with your other files on Google Drive for easy organization, place them in folders with other Google Drive files, and organize them that way. We know it’d be great to have all your Coda docs organized in one space here, though, we we’re working on some ways to do that too. :partying_face:

Would love to get some feedback from you (and others) on what kinds of folder/doc organization you’d be most excited for, and how you’d like to use it! Just wanted to re-reply here and make sure I covered both possibilities for your question…

It seems odd that there is no way to organize documents within Coda without using an outside source. It definitely impacts the usefulness as I am sure I would grow to over 100 documents quickly if I start using Coda as much as I have been using Notion.

I am not using Google Docs so that is not a help.

Agreed. I currently have a 127 docs (more by the day!) and it’s not easy to find things. I’m sure there are lots of people with way more than I have. Looking forward to seeing what the Codans come up with! :slight_smile:

P.S. I would love to embed Coda docs within Notion but sadly that doesn’t work due to the Chrome requirement. :frowning:

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