Dashboard organization


It would be amazing to be able to organize docs on the main Coda dashboard. Reorganize them into folders, as well as by order.

Since virtually any process, project or data management “app” can be built or mimicked in Coda naturally a lot of different docs are added. After a while it becomes a long messy list of docs.

Please allow us to delete shared docs and better file organisation

Hey Codans,

I’ve been told the above request isn’t a high priority with the development team right now, but it might be helpful for some of us users to better understand your philosophy behind current file structure. There have been a number of requests along this line (see references to document hierarchy, file hub, better navigation on the left panel).

Now, it’s true that we can stash our Coda documents in any Google Drive and thus create our file hierarchies outside of Coda. But the same help document does say, “Coda docs are designed to be created and managed from coda.io…”

Given Coda’s awesomeness, many of us are probably already feeling the same pain as @Tamas_Barad, and beginning to move in the direction of owning a long messy list of Coda docs. As some people see Coda as an eventual replacement for Evernote, the scale of documents is potentially huge (I’m closing in on 20,000 notes).

Like @Tamas_Barad, I’d prefer a file structure “in Coda” with hierarchical folders. But if that isn’t possible, a system of tags and “saved searches/smart folders” seems necessary. Could you give us an inkling of your plans or philosophy around the future of Coda document management?



Anything? Anything at all? :smiley:


Hey @John_Beaudoin_Jack, apologies for the delay in response here! Providing an easier way to navigate your docs is definitely feedback we’ve received, and it’s something we know needs to make it into the platform at some point. We just haven’t prioritized it given the other features and optimizations we would like to make to the platform.

The main philosophy (for now) is to utilize the built-in organizational features of Google Drive since Drive already comes with an access control system, folder hierarchies, etc.

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Al, thanks for the update! That approach makes sense.

I hope you know my GIF above was meant in the same delightful spirit that I feel whenever Coda releases a new and amazing feature!



Sure anytime! Always appreciate relevant gifs in the community :grinning:



Dear @Al_Chen_Coda

Coda develops well, the community has lucky enough some very active members ( including CODAN’S) with very valuable input, while sharing docs on how to solve certain problems.

While opening and studying these documents in the docs sections :file_cabinet:it becomes a mess :cry: They actually top up, the original remains while copying to be able to access the doc logic and formulas.

Wouldn’t it be great if Coda had an “layer” on top where all the documents are dropped in and each user to classify them and create views according their way of working. This layer could also be developed for access management, I assume :safety_pin:

In the past I created a table, with the URL’s of the docs, tags to fight the above problem, but it’s hard to maintain, when not automated by the system.

Thanks for your efforts, :ear:


Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets, thanks for the feedback! Can you talk more about what you mean when you say the sections “top up?”


Dear @Al_Chen_Coda,

I mean that, while opening Coda docs from other users, shown in this community, will end up in my Coda docs and that these docs can not be deleted from my view.

I hope this *.gif will make it more clear what I mean.

The idea of getting a mature file management system remains :hammer_and_wrench:



I see, yes we will be working on the organization of all those docs in the future. For now, if you click on the “Created by me” tab at the top it should show only the docs that you’ve created.

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Hi everyone,

I’ve just started using Coda and created my first document. I’m trying to transfer our old troubleshooting flowchart docs from Confluence into Coda. It was a surprise to find out that Coda isn’t supporting a system like the “labels” on Confluence. My thinking is that “labels” (tags, keys, flags, whatever they are called on different CMSs) are the most basic navigation/filtering tools for a CMS.

I would like to know if and when this feature is going to be incorporated into Coda. Right now I’ll have to build a labeling/tagging system by using the tables (I guess. I’m just trying to figure out how it can be achieved). A table which is used for labeling/tagging will grow very huge in a very short time but I think that I can create a sophisticated classification system by utilizing a multi-tiered structure but as you can guess this will become very hard to maintain after a while, will unnecessarily occupy a portion of the document and also will shy the users away from using it.

At least show us a way on how to make classifying a doc a simpler task. You could maybe give us a simple base multi-tiered table structure which could be used to filter out documents which would be hidden on the actual document.


I’ve created a basic doc classification structure but I can’t find the correct way to select (lookup) individual values from a table. Can someone please direct me to the correct solution. I can share my doc if anyone wants to contribute to it.

I’ve created 2 new sections on the doc called as “Labels” and “Class Tables” and the “Labels” section has a single row which has cells being looked up from the tables contained in the “Class Tables” section. I’m planning to default these 2 sections onto each other Troubleshooting Flowchart How-To document.

My only concern right now is on centrally controlling (modifying) the table contents on the “Class Tables” section for all of these documents but I think this can also be managed somehow.


I too find the current hierarchy limiting. Something like even one level down of hierarchy would be a help, like other wikis have such as Confluence, Slite, even Notion, Right now, since the folders are just ways to group the sections, there is essentially just one level. There is merit to this approach though, as I have thought at times that having a hierarchy where the grouping mechanism is an actual piece of content is awkward too, and with this approach you guys don’t have that limitation. Perhaps another way to tag the sections outside the folders, as some users here have suggested, and surface those on the Dashboard would be helpful? This way you could keep a nice hierarchy, but call out some sections that have a common attribute. For example if you are using sections to represent services in a Platform in Software Development, and two or three had a priority status.

Hope that’s helpful and looking forward to all your guys’ upcoming releases on the roadmap!!

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We are using coda for all our company documentation and having a folder like hierarchy is a must have my list of docs i so vast that we need to create documents that are Table Of Content (a Map) of other documents. That is crazy… I really would like a decent structure, I am not sure how this isn’t your top priority. I really do not want to switch to Confluence :frowning:

Also Grammarly support would be a blast.