Coda Subfolders + Public Feature Roadmap

Since 2020, many users, including myself, have requested and/or voted for a subfolder feature. This persistent limitation is frustrating to work around using non-ideal, time-consuming half-solutions. There have been several occasions where I’ve started new workspaces in Notion just to avoid this issue.

This limitation is particularly problematic for businesses considering Coda as their primary workspace. Despite my efforts to promote Coda to various organizations, many ultimately choose Notion due to its sidebar spaces/folder/subfolder organization.

Despite multiple requests from users over the years, it’s unclear if or when subfolders will be added to Coda. While the new Quick Nav is a nice quality of life addition, it is not functionally effective without subfolders.

I share a strong suggestion to implement subfolders, please. Next, I share a suggestion for public features roadmap.