All Docs in one (1) Doc? | Any issues?


I’d like to put all my docs, into one doc and make subpages instead of separate docs and folders. Then for permissions and view based pages, I would then create a separate Docs and cross doc the pertinent information. Are there any issues with this, tables, permissions, etc?

Why would I do this?

  1. ) Current system of just added docs is too messy to me.
    2.) Having one file system of sub pages is so much quicker to toggle through information.
    3.) Docs are big clunky buttons to me so they are perfect for making apps for others to digest.


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Don’t do it!

Haha I mean you certainly can, but I find Coda best practice is to generally create documents that are function specific.

So don’t overload your documents with multiple differing functions.

Why? Doc size is directly related to performance. Sooner or later your document will become slow, lag, and will be a huge bother to use


I appreciate your insight Scott.

What do you think of having a single doc as a file system and input links to those specific docs? Do you guys have a better way to keep your work in a tree folder form?


Oh yeah! That’s a great idea - I actually do that myself.

You can use the “doc list” pack to automatically bring in all your doc links.


i use a ‘King’ doc with a table that has links to all documents in the workspace.

it uses the Docs Pack to load in the links to all those docs.


the Docs Pack does not show the folder structure for the workspace (serious flaw Coda! b.t.w) :face_exhaling:


we use the NAME of the documents to provide some structure. i our case, the last word of the document name is used as a kind of category (sort of like a file extension in windows)

so we can ‘structure’ the table of links using that. not great, but it works.


your one-big-document is a wiki or mostly-text notes repository then it will be fine


if it has tons of tables linked together with lots of formulas, buttons & automations - it wont scale easy

as @Scott_Collier-Weir says, lots of smaller docs is best for a few reasons…

  • performance is better for smaller docs
  • single-purpose is easier to develop and maintain
  • the ‘name-space’ gets cluttered quickly… as you enter a formula you find dozens of table names and control names etc
  • multiple users in the same document works, but their changes have to be synchronized by coda and that slows things down as the number of users goes up

so i find using lots of small docs (eg one doc per customer project) with maximal use of templates to create them and limited use of cross-docs to share data works best



Hello @Scott_Collier-Weir, @Xyzor_Max, @Agent_Test,
Personally, I was using the index page system and I was using subpages to create the clearest tree structure.


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