Everything in one doc

Hi everyone. New here.

Is there any reason for me not to just have everything in one doc?

I’m just one person (not a team or company) so I don’t care about permissions or visibility. I’m planning on paying so I don’t have a limit on doc size.

If everything is nested in the same doc I can see all of my pages in the sidebar and can connect all of my tables easily without worrying about syncing.

Am I missing anything that would make this not a good idea?


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Hi @Sarah_Arminta,
definitely no: no reason at all! :slight_smile:

Having different docs is usually meant for different teams and purposes.
Or to manage significant amount of data, that usually is not a common case for one user app.

So, just keep on organising your stuff in one doc, if it’s comfortable for you :wink:


Perfect! Thank you for the reply!

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The main reasons are permissions and scalability, it seems in your case that isn’t an issue.

The other main issue is doc size. Once your doc reaches 125mb, performance will degrade and you will be unable to access the API or use CrossDoc and other features.

Something to consider depending on your case. Note it is likely Coda.io will eventually increase the limit, but for now it is a serious limit for many users.

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Oh interesting! :thinking: Is there a way that I can view my current doc size?


@Sarah_Arminta the method I use is to open up the inspector. In Chrome(ium)/Brave/Dissenter/etc you can press

Command + Option + i

Then click the Network tab and refresh your page. You will see in the bottom the total amount of data transferred.


Oh, I didn’t know about that, that sounds like potentially big limitation. Especially once attachments go live :thinking: It would be almost impossible to use doc for any serious business case that involves attachments as part of workflow :confused: I hope they change those limits soon

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Hi @Marko_Petrovic,
attachments are treated as blob and URL-referenced, so they are actually not part of the whole document size.
So it’s more the amount of data (and document complexity) rather objects’ size.


@Federico_Stefanato are you sure about this? What about the image previews? Do those count?

Hi @Johg_Ananda,
I would assume that all images - also thumbnails - are stored in a blob repository and referenced from there as an external reference, therefore they are not affecting the overall document size.

This is what comes out from the page inspection, at least.
Obviously happy to know if otherwise.


Update - We got a definitive answer from Coda here:

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