How big a doc can be and how to manage pictures files

I have a doc whose main table has more than 1000 rows and it’s growing. I have a image column where I upload about 4 pictures (400KB) in each row.
Rendering and calculations are not a issue for me. I can always optimize formulas or limit the size of table being viewed. I can even disable some formulas and only enable them when I really need.
The thing that scares me is the size that a Doc can get.
My whole business files are inside Coda now.
Others have asked this question before and have had no answer. How do I know the size of a doc? How big a doc can get?
Another question: Is there a way to download images other then manually? The idea is to do a backup in my computer HD and delete them from Coda.
I wish there was a way to use a button to download images to a specific folder I choose in my PC.

Hey! Here’s the answer:

I’m not sure whether images count towards doc size or not. Most likely that they are stored separately and are only linked in the doc, not stored inline within the doc file. I never checked honestly because I never used Coda for uploading images before.

Dear @Breno_Nunes,

Hereby I reference to the reply from @BenLee
Realistic number of rows in a table

I suggest to get in contact with support to see if they will be able to support to “save” your pictures

Let’s cross the fingers

Hey, @Paul_Danyliuk.

Thank you help. I had seen your post before but the limit of 125MB is for API and I’m not running any.
I believe my doc has more than this 125MB now and it’s running just fine.
I’m pretty happy with it.
I’m doing backup as soon as don’t need the data.
The thing is how do I get to know the size of a Doc? How big is too big?I 'd like to have control of it.
And @Jean_Pierre_Traets, thanks for your help too.
What I wanted was to do an automation to download or save files to Google drive for example. Maybe I should have posted that in the suggestion box…

The only way so far is the one I described there: through developer tools. That’s where you find the sizes of 0.json and 1.json uncompressed. There has been talk of making it easier to analyze through coda UI but no commitments yet.

There’s no exact definition of “big”. There are two hard thresholds: 125 MB after which Coda daemons reject processing the doc, and 5 minutes of loading time after which Coda will refresh the tab and start loading your doc from the start if it hasn’t finished loading it already (thus possibly running you into endless loop of loading). Other than that, the “big” is only as big as your patience to wait for it to load/recalculate… and your RAM too.

This may help you. That’s how you can get image links to then bulk download:

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Thank you very much, @Paul_Danyliuk
Now I understand.
You are awesome!

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