Realistic number of rows in a table

Hi @Charles_Jing,

This is a good discussion here, I just want to clarify a couple things.

There isn’t a doc size limit. The limit mention of 125 MB is a benchmark we’re using at the moment for whether or not we allow the API to run. The is a little bit of an arbitrary limit to prevent abuse. As far as the doc itself, it can be bigger.

The other thing I want to mention is that I would be very surprised to see a doc of 300 rows around the 100 MB mark. Just for reference, I have a doc that I currently use and it’s around 9,000 rows and at 15 MB for the doc size, so I would tend to think any slowness you’re seeing there has to do with formulas and schema. Generally, when we see this, there is a formula that is constantly being run or some sort of circular reference. Using Now() can catch up with you at this number of rows and also many-to-many relationships can catch up at this point.

You can write into Coda Support, using the “?” icon at the bottom right of any doc, and include the link to the doc you’re having issues with and we can check it out there. Feel free to mention me on the ticket and they can route it to me if you’d like.

For working offline, the catch is that the doc has to already be opened and that you can’t refresh until your connection picks back up and the edits are updates at the server level. But yes, you can use Coda offline. Before a flight I’d open the tabs I needed to work on, then I’d be able work on the plan, and the doc would update when I got to the hotel and was connected to the internet.

Good feedback on this topic and I appreciate the discussion!


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