Like the concept, but performance is a showstopper


I’m new to coda, but I really liked the concepts (tables vs. cells, views, etc), so I tried it out over the weekend. I found the resulting usability quite good, especially around column formulas with autocomplete.

But performance is a complete showstopper for me. I loaded up a medium-sized table of stock quotes: 1200 rows, 3 columns. I created a separate table view, with extra computed columns to drive some charts, tried pivoting the data by grouping columns to left/top.

Performance slowed down to a point where my document can not even be loaded anymore :frowning:

I’ll share the doc if that can help identify the cause of the issue.

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Indeed this has been discussed in a number of Topics here.

Coda staff say they are aware and are working to improve performance. Remember it is still a beta right now, as advanced as it is.

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Hey @Olivier thanks for your feedback and sorry about the slow response. We’re actively working on improving the performance of big docs and would love to take a look at your doc as we prioritize our fixes.

Since your doc is in only 1200 rows and 3 columns, it’s probably some other issue since things usually don’t slow down at that size. If you can share the doc with, I should be able to help you make some small optimizations to get it to work more smoothly. Would appreciate if you can also message us on Intercom and mention me. Thanks!


Hi Angad,

I’ve shared the document as requested. I’ve given you edit permissions as I don’t intend to further work on it at this point.


Any chance you can share the document publicly, here on the thread?



Yeah, it’s the grouping. I don’t think there’s anything can be done to work around that problem.

Hopefully, the devs can do something about that soon.

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