Coda always crashes on large data sheet. Help?


Can anyone help me with a workaround?

When modifying a large worksheet, Coda always crashes or it takes forever to load. The page usually times out so it’s quite frustrating.

For example, one sheet has appx 10,000 lines and 12-15 columns, without any calculations. (Maybe one column has a mathematical formula) My internet speed is 70mbps.

I know it’s just me because Coda is too amazing to let this be a problem for everyone.


Hi @MK_2109, once you get to 10,000 rows of data we do indeed see some performance issues with docs. This is something our team has been actively working on! In the meantime, you can speed up your doc by hiding columns you don’t normally look at or set up filter in your big table. Most people put their master table in some “admin” folder of their doc and build views that have many filters so that you only see the rows that matter to you. Let me know if these strategies speed up your doc!

Performance with a large table
What is the limit for Coda?

Hey thanks for writing in. We’ve been making some improvements to performance and was digging through old posts. How are things going with your doc? Based on your description, I should be able to help you get a doc of that size to run very smoothly. Please feel free to reach out on Intercom!


Oo me too! I’d love to hear some of these strategies @Angad. Any general principles you can post here?


Thanks for the request Jack. We’re working on something very exciting to help with just that. Hope to have an update in a week or two. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, if you can share your doc with us, we’d be happy to take a look and help you figure out how to make things faster. Can you please ping us on intercom?


I’m about a month from needing it, so a week or two will be like sliding into home plate just in time. My eyes are peeled!


Hey! I know we were talking about Tables and rows, but is there a limit for sections in a doc?