Import large data from excel

i try to import large data from Excel, 200,000 rows 20 colums. once i paste the data, Coda crash. tried to copy 20,000 rows and still crash… can i get help? TY!!

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@elad_noam I have a similar issue. Coda pastes the whole sheet as a .png.
So I see the picture of the excel sheet in one cell only.

I was just searching for an answer for this issue.
Could you figure it out already?

Same here. But apparently still no solution? Is there any other way to fix this?

there are some things where Coda is better than Excel

then there are things where Excel or Google Sheets are better than Coda.

running a model with 200k rows and 20 columns is one of those things best done with spreadsheets or pure database platforms.

its just not what Coda is good at.

i have taken on projects of that size and found ways to produce docs with hundreds of rows and maybe a handful of tables that automated single workflows, such as complex insurance claim cases or aerospace maintenance jobs. then users create hundreds of these single-case documents as required.

each document handles just one client or aircraft. so the volume of data is manageable in coda.

we then use cross-doc functionality to roll-up summary data from each document into a report document, again holding hundreds (not thousands) or rows in a handful of densly inter-related tables, dashboards and charts.

coda is great for automating this size of workflow while still giving the flexability of a worksheet-like tool.

just my humble opinion and experience,


Coda can handle 10k rows with no problem. But for importing, you can’t copy paste. You must use import csv coda pack.

But as @Xyzor_Max has mentioned, it’s better to divide them into different docs.

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we now have a few documents with more than 10k rows.
and they function well.

but whevever we need to import large amounts of data into coda, we use Google Application Script and the Coda API to import data from Google Sheets.

that way we can tailor the script to do exactly what is required