Export to CVS pack scalability

Hi Coda,

I have a question: would this pack still work at very large doc size? Like approx 8 mil rows for example.

When the table gets that large, download continuity is important. Would I still be able to sustain a continuous connection?

I’m guessing the workaround is to archive pieces as I go along so that the size doesn’t become unmanageable

Just for reference, Coda itself is not going to be able to hold 8 million rows. Let alone 200,000 rows in a way that is usable.

So that will definitely be something to consider.

@Courtney_Milligan1 can tell you more about the limitations of the pack specifically though

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Hey @Jake_Nguyen! Scott’s right about Coda’s row limitations, however unfortunately the pack is even more limited. This is because it can only fetch 500 rows at a time and times out after 1min. I’ve been able to export just over 7000 rows at a time before running into errors. I’d recommend doing what you said and exporting as you go, with no more than 5000 rows at a time.

Since it sounds like you have a lot of data, here’s another suggestion: due to the save dialog box that pops up when running this formula, it can’t be put in an automation. However, I have another pack (Export to Google Workplace) that can be used with this pack to upload the exports automatically to Google Drive which could be helpful if you have a lot of data to export (ex: an automation that runs once/week and exports then deletes the oldest X number of rows)

Thanks for looping me in here @Scott_Collier-Weir!

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Hey Courtney. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I figured - I decided to just push all the data to a SQL database so I can query that DB later for reporting.

This can be done by making an API and then writing some code in studio pack to integrate it inside Coda


Thanks Scott appreciate the CC

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Good idea with that amount of data. Glad you found a solution!

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